Your home is an extension of you. It showcases your personality, interests, and passions. While it has taken time for your home to become what it is today, you have worked hard at making it and calling it, home.

But now, it is time to move on.

WainscotingWith all the care and craft you have poured into your home, you want to insure that the next owner appreciates your home. The days of an agent listing a home without at least one photo, sadly, are not behind us. However, home buying consumers are consistently passing over properties for sale that either have no photos, only one photo, or even just photos of the exterior. Buyers have become conditioned, and expect, that if a home for sale has no or few images, that the seller may have something to hide.

Incorporating high resolution, still photographs and narrated, walk-through videos on a custom made, single property website, my selling clients are able to showcase the beauty of their homes. Buyers, when they come through the home for a showing, have already “chosen” the home as a potential purchase opportunity. The days of a “cold” buyer coming through your home, making you vacate for an hour or two, and then being told that the buyer did not like the layout, color, flooring, countertops, etc., of the home, are a thing of the past.

Looking for examples of how my sellers’ homes have been marketed? Check out my Listings page. Satisfied clients have also left very kind words about my work on my testimonials page.

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