Thanksgivukkah evening, I went to share a poignant reflection with my facebook peeps on gathering with my family and how blessed we have all been, and I discovered that my account was locked down.

Conspiracy theories abound on FB, as myself and another straight shooting, even-keeled member of the space were locked out about the same time.

What follows are my thoughts and feelings about being shut out. Oddly, Facebook believes that I am not the Todd Waller I claim to be or that I am utilizing duplicate Facebook accounts.


Distressed ToddIt’s weird. My iPhone isn’t lighting up with likes and well-wishing notifications. This feels kind of like an amputated limb. I remember being able to “use” Facebook, but when I go to touch the FB icon, I remember in that last instant, that I am locked out.

Is anyone out there? If I say, “I like this,” does anyone hear me online? Does my like even count? I… I need like notifications to validate my thoughts and feelings.

This could be a strange and oddly glorious night.

Day One

8:03 am:
[checks the facebooks]

Still locked out.

8:32 am:
Huh. How did I exist before Facebook? Is there life and interaction outside of Facebook? How am I going to communicate with people I’ve never met but am oddly fond of chatting with?

Who are these people in my house?

8:40 am:
I’ve been “Fredo’d.”

9:42 am:

People on the book of faces are discussing conspiracy theories as to the banishment of Ryan and I.

12:13 pm:

[folding laundry]

I want to share my awesome folding job of this towel. [snaps picture and stops] I can share this on instagram, but no one will be able to reshare my awesomeness.

I think depression is beginning to set in… Life has become bleak. Hoke is coaching a substandard University of Michigan football team against “that school” in Ohio, tomorrow and we lost to MSU this year.

Still trying to figure out, who are these miniature versions of me running around the house? They look oddly familiar, but only familiar in the, “I just took a selfie and shared it on Facebook,” way.

Hey, look! A pretty lady! Maybe we can have coffee together!

1:47 pm:

Feeling a little more reconnected, now that I have published this ongoing memoir. Twitter peeps are chiming in. Favorites, retweets and mentions just aren’t the same.

“It’s like you’re dreamin’ about Gorgonzola cheese when it’s clearly Brie time, baby.”

2:05 pm
I can feel my Klout score dropping. Tweet this!

2:14 pm:

More support coming in. Feeling the love. Obviously, there are some logic hating, Buckeye or Spartan fans trying to keep me down.

2:35 pm

Attempting to find an alternative to the book of faces. Google+ feels like it should work just fine, but doesn’t have the same energy, snarkiness, memes and blatant marketing that I have come to be accustomed to on Facebook.

Like having near beer, when you want a Guinness…

One of the small persons in my house just called me, “Dad.” What happened here?!

3:08 pm:

Starting to freak out. I have not seen a meme today, nor have I read a request to help a FB’er purchase a tractor for their farmville.

I feel like a child, with his face pressed against the window of the candy shop, but no money. I can see my friends on Facebook, but I can not interact with them.


Silver lining: I figured out the people in my house are my Bride and the kiddos! When did that happen?

4:50 pm:
I went outside for the first time today. It was cold. My skin felt as cold as the lack of virtual social interaction on the book of faces. When I met someone, my thumbs, on their own, quickly began to bang out the conversation I was going to have with the person. But, when I stood there, not making a sound and my thumbs twitching, the person moved along, muttering, “Freak.”

Breaking down in tears, I had to acknowledge the fact that I am a freak. Everyone else is on the book of faces, with unfettered access to memes, political screaming matches, bad logic, and real estate agents arguing about transparency via data. I think the tears were for not having access to these things, but my soul is very mixed up right now. And it is hard to separate my feelings right now.

The Bride is staring at me funny and the boys (my sons!) are trying to figure out why this freak is crying.

5:05 pm:
Discovered a “Keep Calm and #FreeToddWaller” campaign underway on Google+. This kind of support is overwhelming!

5:15 pm:

The #FreeToddWaller movement is gaining momentum and is apparently well caffeinated!

5:29 pm:
A parallel campaign, #FreeRyanBokros, is underway in Texas.

I Can't Hear You Tin Foil HatBeginning to think that this Book of Faces lockout goes all the way to the top!

6:00 pm:
I am beginning to think about my return to the Book of Faces, should my account be unlocked. For example, today, I found out that I am married and have two sons! I didn’t once ask my FB friends for their advice on these life altering choices, nor did I invite my FB friends to send me food, or tractors, or candy, or help me take down a mob boss to meet these people in my house. Of course, Facebook did nothing to notify me of these salient points, either.

This makes me think that the Book of Faces totally obscured my ability to recognize what was going on around me, on a daily basis.

Almost as if the Facebooks wants me to only spend time on its website and not do anything else! Thinking about becoming a subversive…Tweet this!

8:00 pm:

National and International pressure on the Book of Faces is mounting!

From Seattle, Washington:

Even LA chimed in, Matrix reference, and all!

From Down Under:

8:30 pm:


It’s been 24 hours since I was shut out of the Facebook ecosystem. I have passed through the various stages of withdrawal: disbelief, denial, sorrow, loneliness, and finally acceptance.

Acceptance hit just 30 minutes ago, as it was at 8:00 pm on Thanksgivukkah, that I was banished from the Book of Faces. I no longer have the flop sweat, nor the shakes. I have been reintroduced to my family and now realize that I have both second and fourth grade boys that are insanely smart. Also, my fourteenth wedding anniversary is on the near horizon!

Boy, am I glad I have broken free of the bonds of Facebook!

Day two

7:43 am:


Something feels off… as if millions of voices suddenly cried out and were suddenly silenced.

The amputation feels more permanent this morning. No notifications of likes, comments, followers or requests to play games. I attempt to login to the Book of Faces, but again, am declared a leper and security risk by my judgmental iPhone.

8:02 am:

Support via real social networks continues to roll in:

A financial benefit was noted last evening:

8:20 am:

The calendar shows that I am helping friends move into their new home. They are a part of Antioch, in Ypsilanti. Perhaps I can find some of the #FreeToddWaller posters. A friend in Tampa is looking to activate the movement in Florida and would like the PDF for printing.

I think this activity, in the real world, will help me figure out how to live life without experiencing it through the desire to share each moment with the world.

Ciao till later…

7:34 pm:

Phew! That was a long day. Getting folks moved from point A to point B is long, arduous, and sometimes difficult work! I love helping folks buy their next home or sell their home, but moving ’em is tough work…

But, the long labor was good for thinking. I reflected on the important things in life: twitter, Google+, LinkedIn… Erm, I mean my faith, family and friends. It was important for my family and me to be present at the moving day, today. We have been blessed to be surrounded by excellent people that are excited to move to, and be a part of the renewal coming to the City of Ypsilanti. Moving this Family into the excellent Normal Park neighborhood was a labor of love. While we were helping our friends move in to their new home, a complete stranger, that had walked by earlier in the afternoon, wandered by and asked if she could help us move our friends into their new home. Normal Park is THAT kind of neighborhood! Huge trees lining and arcing over the street. Each home a different kind of architecture and style. Every resident a unique individual, with an excellent story to share, if we would simply ask or listen.

After nearly 48 hours going Facebook-less, I did not feel the urge to share this experience. I think I am definitely past the dependence stage of withdrawal. Fortunately, quitting the book of faces cold-turkey does not bring on the headaches that attempting to drop coffee from my morning routine does.

I also reflected on the non-profit board that I sit on, The Fallen & Wounded Soldier Fund, and who was going to admin their Facebook Page. 820 followers on that page, many of them veterans, will have to wait for an indeterminate time until we can begin to again publish events on our facebook page, a main channel of our communications.

There is my own business page, Todd Waller | Real Estate, but frankly, the fact that I can not post information to benefit our nation’s heroes is more upsetting.

And then it struck me…

“Help! Help! I’m being repressed!”

It’s late. My body aches. There is Chinese takeout and beer waiting to be consumed. Should you feel moved to start a #FreeToddWaller movement in your town, check out the following Google+ post with a link to the official “Keep Calm and #FreeToddWaller” poster. Official postings should be at your favorite, local coffee shop. We need to keep this movement well-caffeinated!

Please use the #FreeToddWaller hashtag on your favorite SocNet, we don’t discriminate, like the book of faces. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Various SocNet love from the day:

Pure capitalist, this one…

But, she appears to have found a cohort:

There was discussion on a “prison tatt.” Still have not confirmed where to have it placed, however. I’m thinking under the left eye.

15 Responses to Banished!

  1. OMG! The worst part about this that FB doesn’t seem to give a rat’s butt. No warm email saying oops, no friendly tweet … Nada. Just waiting for the “we’ll get in touch with you at the email address …” email. Almost 24+ hours now …

    • You too, Juan? More indignant, than upset, really. Just stupid, as I am beginning to think that someone had an axe to grind and decided to report my account. Too many connections, real connections, on FB and other SocNets for one of the SocNets to think I am a fake personality.

      Like polygamy, who the heck has time for duplicate or fake FB accounts?

    • Linda,

      It’s great to have multiple SocNets from which to communicate. The only problem is not being able to tell my connections on FB of any choice I may have made.

      Shutting my account down, without warning or a heads up, well, that’s drastic.

    • Roberta,

      Thank you! I suppose, if there is a silver lining here, it is that I have rediscovered my family and the world at large, outside of the Facebook website.

      “Finest wits?” < Well, I do what I can... ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!! You are taking this really well, but I’m not. How surreal that you were kicked off the book of faces. I miss your iPhone photos, words of wisdom, Evernote chatter and thoughtful posts. I know you are real because I met you face-to-face in San Francisco July 2011 & took photos of you poking Dale in his “Poke Me” shirt. ๐Ÿ™ I hope they bring you back, my friend. This is not right. Not right at all.

    • Stephanie,

      I appreciate you and your support! The “Poke-off,” which Dale won, was too much fun to be a part of. Oddly, the book of faces has those images in their digital hands. Apparently they refuse to acknowledge the network of real people I have been blessed to connect and communicate with.

      Very happy that I have a digital home, outside of the Facebooks, that I can connect with my friends through: This blog, the twitters and G+.


      Hope it was a great Thanksiving, Stephanie. Blessings.

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